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Parents with student athletes we recently implemented a new Alert system. Stay connected with the team for coach announcements, schedule changes, emergencies, etc. It is very important to sign up since we will start using the new system immediately. Simply go to and follow the steps.

VNN Alerts are one-way messages making sure that Alerts senders and receivers never see each other’s private information, and the web-based app gives parents, athletes and fans the power to subscribe to specific teams and change their preferences for each separately.

Why Use VNN Alerts? A Case Study

Once upon a time there were 16 lady knights who needed to get to their soccer match far, far away from the castle. Unfortunately an evil sorcerer cast a spell on the carriage driver and he never got to the castle to pick up the team. This caused a little chaos at the castle and decisions had to be made, cancel the match or be late? Alas, a knight in shining armor arrived on the scene with his carriage partially full of dwarfs with room to spare for the ladies. There was a schedule to be kept, the dwarfs must be taken home first, they all arrived on time…

Meanwhile, the lady knights’ parents began arriving at the match expecting to see their ladies warming up. Instead their cell phones began ringing with news of the lady knights’ plight. It was rush hour in the forest and the lions, tigers, and bears were out in full force causing a further delay of the match. The carriage finally arrived after a two hour carriage ride and 30 minutes past the original match start time, the lady knights played their match…

In the end, the match was played, the lady knights won. Is there a happily ever after here? What could have been done to eliminate the lady knights plight?

As soon as they found out the carriage driver wasn’t coming a VNN Alert could have been sent out with a request for parent carriage drivers to get the lady knights to the match on time.

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