The Villian’s Last Page – Cast, Crew, & Schedule



Addison Blakeney – Goldilocks
Aja Shriver – Red Riding Hood
Alicia Galloway – Simba
Allyson Greene – Pig
Anna Vaughn – Alice
Colin Nance – Hyena
Dajanik Smith – Hyena
Grace Wucinich – Daughter of Red Riding Hood
Graceyn Dowd – Queen of Hearts
Jared Vlacovsky – Big Bad Wolf
Juliana Colant – Daughter of Red Riding Hood
Katie Flickinger – Hyena
Kaylyn Liossis – Narrator
Lillibeth Rodriguez – Mirana (Queen of Heart’s Sister)
Rose Leggett – Hades
Robbie Mitchell – Hyena
Serena Billman – Persephone
Trevor Young – Scar
Vince Zeren – Hyena


Devin Gibson
Alaina Carlone
Giovanna Ruskowski
Mackenzie McKay
Jessica Risher
Abbey Beskitt
Josh Grosswiller
Keyri Soler
Hunter Vogely

All rehearsals will be held at Canton Central Catholic after school at 3:30. In addition to the dates below, we will also hold rehearsal every Wednesday and Thursday.

- Jan 15th- auditions
- Jan 22nd – first read through
- Jan 29th- blocking begins Act 1
- Feb 5th- blocking Act 2
- Feb 12th- run act 1
- Feb 26th- run act 2
- March 3rd- Art splash time TBA perform a 15 min sample for kids
- March 5th – run through full show – off book
- March 12- run through
- March 15 – elementary performance (daytime performance time to be determined) at the Palace
- March 16 – morning performance for the partner schools
- March 16 & 17 – evening show at the Palace

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