The spring of 2014 a new initiative was introduced to the Class of 2015. The “House System” was implemented at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year for St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

The system is common in European schools and has been adopted by many schools in the United States. The primary goals of the House System for the Aquinas community include:

  • Enabling more opportunities for student leadership; not just those who hold a specific title, but for all students to embrace their potential for leadership to prepare them to make positive changes in our community.
  • Adult mentoring from faculty, staff and administration who will serve as either “House Parents” or “House Committee” members and will serve as more than just academic guides. They will be involved in the intellectual, moral, and spiritual development of every student. It is their mission to help each student develop a sense of self-worth and become a responsible individual giving back to the greater community. While the privacy of a student is maintained, House Parents and Committee members are ready to listen to students’ cares and concerns and help develop values leading to life decisions that reach beyond “self interest” and include a concern for the needs of others.
  • Strengthening the Aquinas community and furthering the mission of the school by providing greater pastoral care to all our students mind, body and spirit.

Eleven Houses of approximately 25 students will remain in the same House their full four years. Each House is named after Catholic beliefs, famous Catholic saints, thinkers, writers, missionaries, and peacemakers. The Houses include freshman through seniors who will engage in contests and challenges including academics, athletics, creativity, school spirit, and community service. Points will be awarded and accumulated throughout the year. At the end of the year the House who has the most points will be awarded during the traditional “May Day” competition.

The first few weeks of school, each House will meet for social interaction and discuss House colors, motto, crest, flag, mascot, and t-shirt design. Since this is a new program, it is still in its developing stages. As we continue to grow in the system, we will adapt and adjust for the following school year. We are excited about this opportunity to enhance our Aquinas community! More information will be available once the school year progresses.