Contact Us: 330.875.1631


Dan Gravo President
Rev. Thomas Dyer President Emeritus
Frederick “Fritz” Schlueter – Ext. 305 Principal
Ryan Hill – Ext. 310 Director of Enrollment
Kristie Cramer Director of Marketing, Alumni Relations
John Paul Director of Finance

Administrative Staff

Lloyd Bagley – 875-1634 Administrative Assistant, Athletics
Christine Barnett – Ext. 306 Office Manager / Administrative
Annette Crawford – Ext. 300 Attendance Secretary, Enrollment Coordinator
Mike Cook – 875-1634 Athletic Director
Michelle May – Ext. 316 Campus Minister
Attendance Secretary
Bridget Moeglin – Ext. 317 Business Manager
Angelo Pederzolli – Ext. 318 Guidance Counselor

Academic Staff

Joanne Barnhouse – Ext 431 Science Department
Kris Botti 7th & 8th English, Language Arts, Power of Pen
Erin Bowman – Ext. 435 Social Studies
Cathy Bravis – Ext. 421 Fine Arts
Lori Burse HS/MS Band
Mary Faigley – Ext. 415 English Department, Chair
Jeanne Maher – Ext. 422 Religion Department
Chelsea Lenox 6th Grade Math, Science & Technology
Terrence Murphy – Ext. 423 Religious Education Department, Chair
Tina Perna – Ext. 311 Intervention Specialist
Mary Pusateri Choir Director
Sue Ann Ray – Ext. 428 Mathematics Department, Chair
Patricia Sautters 6th Grade Social Studies & Language Arts
Christine Schneider – Ext. 429 Electives Department, Chair
Nicholas Stanek – Ext. 438 Mathematics Department / Health Department
Kimberly Steel Crossover HS/MS Business/PE
Deanna Stranan – Ext. 433 Social Studies
Jodene Stroia – Ext. 434 English Department
Jared Schweniger 7th & 8th Grade Math
Joe Vagedes Science Dept/Chemistry
Darrell Woods Science Dept/Biology/Physics

DOY “Child Protection Policy for Employees and Volunteers