Parent Broadcast 8-27-17

August 27, 2017

About Magazine Readers Choice Local Favs are out and we are it! St. Thomas Aquinas has been chosen as the Favorite school!

Picture day is Friday, Sept. 1. Students are permitted to dress up. But they are expected to follow the Dress Up Day Regulations found on page 34 of the student handbook.

The last page of the school handbooks is to be signed by students and parents and returned to the school by Friday, September 1st.

A reminder to parents of students receiving an Ed-Choice scholarship: The 2017-2018 acceptance form should be arriving in the mail. Once received, this form needs to be turned into the Guidance Office so that we can get the students accepted for the coming school year scholarship.

Please return applications to participate in the Free or Reduced School Meal Program. A new application is required each school year.

Have a great Aquinas Week.

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