Introducing the “House System”

July 1, 2014

This past spring, a new initiative was introduced to the Class of 2015. The “House System” will be implemented at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year.

The “House System” is common in European schools. The system places students into smaller communities to increase opportunities for student leadership and adult mentoring, and provides an exciting and positive opportunity for the Aquinas community. Students will be building even closer relationships and experiencing a deeper sense of belonging.

There will be 12 Houses of approximately 20-25 students who remain in the same House for their full four years. Named after famous Catholic saints, thinkers and writers, the Houses include freshmen through seniors. Throughout the year, Houses compete in a variety of contests and competitions to encourage unity and pride. Each House has its own motto, mascot, colors, banner and student-designed T-shirt. The Senior class leaders will work closely with “House Parent(s)”, who are faculty, staff and administration. Students can refer to each other as their “House Brothers” and “House Sisters”.

Much information has been gathered and compiled during the past school year. Each House will meet together in the first couple of weeks of school to get to know each other, discuss house motto, flag, mascot, etc. Throughout the school year, Houses will compete against one another in various activities. Points are awarded to the Houses for academics, creativity, attendance at school, and events for sports, clubs, theater and music shows. Points will also be awarded to Houses who participate in outreach, mission trips, collections for non-profit groups and more. At the end of the year, points accumulated for each House will be combined with the points awarded during MAY DAY. The House with the most points will be recognized and receive a reward.

On Sunday, July 13, 2014 from 6-8:30pm in The Commons of St. Thomas Aquinas High School, the Class of 2015 and the House Committee members will gather for dinner and a discussion about the House System.

Since this is a new program, it is still in its developing stages. As we continue to grow in the system, we will adapt and adjust for the following school year. We are excited about this opportunity to enhance our Aquinas community! More information will be available once the school year has begun.

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