Anna Moeglin Receives $2500 Junior League Grant!

Congratulations Anna Moeglin!


Anna Moeglin, a junior, applied for and received the Junior League of Canton’s Junior Leaders Community Service Grant. This grant is designed to assist young women in grades Kindergarten through 12 to realize their dreams of helping those in need in their local communities.

Project Goals and Description:
The plan is to construct and plant a children’s garden in collaboration with the Canton YWCA to provide fresh vegetables to the approximately 40 children between the ages of 3 and 8, currently enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Center. The YWCA has already been awarded a grant to build a labyrinth on land at the corner of 6th Street and Walnut Avenue, across the street from their Canton location, and with the money earned from the Junior League Grant we are going to build a children’s garden on the property. The construction of the children’s garden will allow the children attending school at the YWCA access to fresh vegetables. This is ssomething that is rarely available to the children or their families and will be a welcomed project. Not only will the children have the ability to eat fresh vegetables but they will also be able to make healthy meals at home to enjoy with their families. Read more…

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