The Shall We Dance Fund was established in 2012 to be of assistance to those in the STA Class of 1973 who are dealing with financial hardship regarding personal, medical, or mental health situations. Please click on the picture below to learn more.


The Shall We Dance Fund is a 501(c)3 and has Tax Exempt Status

4o plus years ago we started high school, wide-eyed and hopeful. During those 4 years we made lasting friendships and a few marriages ensued! We spent our time dreaming of our future while studying and learning, attending bonfires, homecoming dances, football games, basketball games, and the weekly mass. We laughed, we cried and grew up together. Some went away to college, some joined the family business and others forged their own path.

After all this time, we still find time to connect with each other on social media or email or text to check in and support each other now that we are pushing 60. The Shall We Dance Fund was created because of a situation with a classmate which led us to think, how can we rekindle those relationships and help our classmates when they fall on tough times.

Through your generosity we have been able to reach out and help those who need it. The fund has 501(c)3 tax exemption status so, your donation is tax deductible. Please consider supporting the fund and making a donation. Here are the ways to donate: go directly to St. Joseph’s Credit Union, (1811 Whipple Ave NW, Canton, OH 44708,(330) 478-8400) and make a donation directly into the fund, or send a check to St. Josephs Credit union to be deposited into the fund. Additionally, click on the link to the Shall We Dance website (we accept PayPal and/or Credit card).