• Alma Mater

    Fight Song

    Hail to you, Our Alma Mater
    Hail to you, Aquinas High
    May you be a shining symbol;
    May your banner ever fly.

    Scholarship you seek to kindle.
    Sportsmanship you honor too.
    May we always heed your teaching
    As our pledge of faith to you.
    Alma Mater, we will follow

    On the path you trace today.
    We accept life’s challenge gladly.
    Grateful that you show the way.

    Oh, we’re the school with lots of spirit
    And yes our team is out to win.
    So let’s back our knights in battle,
    Then let the cheers begin. Rah, Rah, Rah.
    Black and Gold we’re with you
    As you fight to save the day.
    You’re the greatest, the toughest
    Of fighters,
    You’re Aquinas Knights, Hurray!

  • StThomasThomas Aquinas, born in 1224, showed signs of exceptional ability at an early age. As a child, contrary to the wishes of his family, he entered the Dominican Order of Preachers. His great thirst for knowledge never seemed to be quenched and he had the ability of making his own, not by memory but by understanding, nearly everything he studied.At the then newly established University of Paris, he studied under Albert the Great. At this time the rediscovered philosophy of Aristotle was causing great controversy and discussions among the educated men of Western Europe. Because of his great powerful retention, Thomas was able to master both the traditional doctrines of Christendom as well as the new and strange teaching of Aristotle. He made of these two strains his own unified body of knowledge–his philosophy.

    In 1274 he was sent to the Second Council of Lyons by Pope Gregory X, but fell ill on the way and died at the age of 49. For centuries after his death, Thomas’ great scholarship was not generally recognized until Pope Leo XIII declared him the patron of all Catholic schools. His feast is celebrated throughout the Church on January 28.

    Thomas was a learned man, sbut he was also a saint. He never undertook any study of writing without first giving himself to prayer. He serves as a model for all Catholic students and scholars. Pray to him for enlightenment and courage in your studies.

The Seal



Our school colors are Black and Gold. Black symbolizes seriousness, sobriety and persistence in effort. Gold signifies richness, luster and satisfaction derived from work well done.


This is one of St. Thomas Aquinas' famous writings on God, the Church and Catholic Doctrine.

The Scroll and Summa Theologica are a symbol of St. Thomas Aquinas' famous theological treatise.


St. Thomas Aquinas was declared Doctor of the Church and Patron of Catholic Schools. He was also named Angelic Doctor.


The shield is symbolic of St. Thomas Aquinas defending our Catholic Faith against the heresies.

The Cross - The cross was chosen to appear on the shield as a sign of our Catholic Faith, God, the Father Almighty, Jesus Christ, His only Son and the Holy Spirit. It also reminds us of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ as our Redeeming Lord.

The Eucharist - This was chosen because St. Thomas Aquinas strongly defended the Doctrines of the Eucharist and it is a sign of our Catholic Faith. We believe in the body and blood of Christ and the Eucharistic mystery.

The Dove - The dove was originally chosen as a sign of Divine Inspiration, later the olive branch was added to symbolize Peace.

The Lamp of Knowledge - This represents the lifelong dedication St. Thomas Aquinas had for learning and teaching. We pray this attribute is bestowed upon each of our students.


Our school motto is composed of three virtues which should serve as an inspiration to everyone at St. Thomas Aquinas High School: Truth, Scholarship, Excellence. These virtues were written in Latin on the original seal as Vertas, Literae, Excellentia.

Truth is the basis of all knowledge which is worth acquiring, and the guiding principal of all consciences worth following.

Scholarship is the main pursuit of all students at St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Excellence is the virtue which makes us strive to do our best in all our undertakings.