Dear Friends,

St. Thomas Aquinas is committed to providing the opportunity to receive a Catholic Education to all those who seek it, regardless of income level or financial situation. Since this is a mission at St. Thomas, we have prepared this brochure to explain the financial aid opportunities available to parents, as well as the procedures for receiving such aid.

It is important that you read this brochure carefully and follow all guidelines completely and adhere to the appropriate deadlines. The financial aid committee will do their best to provide the maximum amount of aid to those most in need. However, given our limited resources, it may not be possible to grant aid to all those that apply. It is our intent to help as many students and families that we can in a fair and unbiased manner. Therefore it is essential to emphasize that no one can be considered for financial assistance without submitting the proper forms in a timely manner.

Finally, I would like to remind parents that before you decide not to enroll your student at Aquinas because of financial concerns, you should first come see me personally. As I mentioned earlier, we will do all that we can to work with you so that your child can receive the benefits of a Catholic Education at St. Thomas Aquinas.

Remember, “With God all things are possible”. That includes a quality Catholic Education!


Fritz Schlueter, Principal

Financial Aid Procedures

  1. All families requesting any type of financial assistance including work/study must fill out a Confidential Student Aid form provided by Facts Grant & Aid. Applications are available by clicking on the FACTS logo.   factslogo-4140-sm 
  2. Completed Facts forms along with a copy of your 2017 Federal Income Tax Return must be returned to Facts along with a $38.00 processing fee, no later than April 15, 2018. Forms are NOT to be returned to school.
  3. St. Thomas will receive a confidential report ranking by need all families that applied for aid.
  4. The Aquinas financial aid committee will meet to review the report and award grants in May, depending on availability of funds.
  5. All families who mailed an application will be notified as soon as possible concerning the results of their application.
  6. Financial aid is granted on a yearly basis. Parents must reapply each year.
  7. The same procedure is used for the Youngstown Diocesan Scholarship Fund in honor of Mary Ellen Cushwa Wolsonovich. These forms must be sent to FACTs by March 15th.

Financial Aid Checklist

March 15th - Deadline for filing FACTs application for Diocesan/Wolsonovich Scholarship Fund. Call the school office to request forms.

March 17th – Priority deadline for filing application for Aquinas financial aid with Facts. Send directly to FACTS with a $38.00 application fee.

Early June - Parents will be notified concerning financial aid status by the Aquinas financial aid committee.

July 1st- Tuition plan on file with the Business Office.

Pay It Forward Program

Any family, individual or business that has the financial means and interest in donating to the Adopt-A-Student Scholarship Fund should contact Dan Gravo, at 330-875-1631.